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the food was awesome


Great food, great fun. thanks!

K B Sasi Prasad

Food and service is good. But these people nither take feedback nor govt. rules serious. They forcibly implement practices that govt. has banned and when the customer questions them, they give a polite and pleasing response where a customer is obliged to accept seeing their pitable face. Service charges are banned long back - may be in late 2016 or early 2017. I don't remember it exactly. In Aug-2017, i visited the restaurant with friends and when the bill included service charges, i insisted on removing it. They apologized for the same telling it was by mistake and removed it. They managed telling it was optional. Now, on 27-Jan-2018, i again visited and they have again charged Rs. 140.66, which was 7.5% of the amount. The same scene got repeated. I insisted them to remove it and if required, i will pay TIPS as per my wish. They again repeated the same story telling it is optional and apologized. I insisted them to remove it. They went inside and came after 10mins with no changes in the bill amount. I rejected again and they wasted my time again for another 10mins but no change in the bill amount. It was a disgusting to see them again coming-up with the same bill but telling it is optional and keeping a mercy face. Hence, i understand the attitude is not correct and they keep charging customers heavily and also never implement any feedback. However, service charge is not only feedback but a part of the rules passed by the government.