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Delicious Starter
Kebab Platter
The layers of this dish represent the beauty and taste of India. Simplicity in method and comforting tastes are the pillars of our taste and flavour.

It is liberally seasoned with spices, prepared with expertise and served with love.

Main Course
Rasbhary Cofta Curry
Ah, Kadhai Paneer! A delight for one's taste buds with the perfect flavour and taste. Satisfying the palates for lovers of Indian food, it gives the right amount of zing.

In its true spirit, this dish gathers loved ones around the table ready to dig in.

Saffroni Kulfi
She's cute, she's sweet, she's the perfect dessert for all your dessert cravings. An Indian belle, impossible to put down with her soft texture, rich flavour and cream.

This gem will have you experiencing pure nostalgia, with her soft and creamy texture. She is an absolute wonder.

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We brings choicest organic spices directly from the gardens of south india. 


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